12-12 May 2022

Event Safety Guidelines

The Be Summit is dedicated to ensuring our attendees can do connect and network in a COVIDSafe environment as we prepare for our 2021 summits. Please be assured that the Be Summit team is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation around the nation and the events will continue to run as planned, under strict government regulations. Your health and safety is our priority, scroll down to read more about our COVIDSafe plan.

Face-to-face interaction is the foundation of building strong relationships. In-person events create the necessary push for business to happen and have significant ROI implications.

We understand the importance of events like the Be Summit to support business and economic growth. We’re working with all stakeholders to ensure the delivery of an innovative COVID-safe event with a strong focus on ensuring the safety of attendees, adhering to all guidelines and restrictions. Being held for the first time in-person this year, we are going above and beyond to ensure we provide the safest and more innovative attendee experience in a more controlled and COVIDSafe environment for our industry.

Welcome back to events!

We’re leveraging new technology and innovation to deliver an event experience which is better suited to the current climate we’re all facing. This includes a range of protective measures to ensure the Be Summit is a safe and controlled environment to do business within COVID-19 guidelines:

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