13 May 2022
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

Building & Construction

The Circular Economy: Next steps for Australia’s Built Environment

With the circular economy becoming a hot topic of discussion for our built environment sectors, the need for our industries and businesses to incorporate sustainable practices and processes on a larger scale is rising in importance. But what does this look like? And how exactly can we measure the outcomes? Transitioning from to a circular […]

5 KEY TAKEAWAYS | ACIF Forecasts Briefing & Panel Discussion

The ACIF Forecasts provide the industry with a relevant and credible ‘compass’ for upcoming demand for work across all sectors, including major projects, as well as what is happening with construction costs and labour requirements. ACIF Chief Forecaster Kerry Barwise sat down with a panel of industry experts to offer a look into the latest […]

Digital Construction Week to launch in Australia

Mar 12, 2021 Be Summit News

The UK’s leading platform for innovation and technology in the built environment, Digital Construction Week (DCW), has announced its foray into Australia with a launch at Be Summit sister event DesignBUILD 2021. This global expansion of the brand is set to promote investment in growth markets like Australia and signifies the future direction of the industry.

Economic recovery announcements centre on new infrastructure projects across Australia

Over $100 billion is slated to be spent by state governments on infrastructure projects in the coming years to revitalize economies and create jobs, offsetting the negative impacts of COVID-19. Here is a quick summary of what has been announced across each state.

Forecasting Construction’s Future after Covid

Trying to speculate what a post-COVID-19 world will look like is difficult enough. Predicting how Australia’s construction industry will shape up, based on possible scenarios likely to play out in each state and territory, is considerably harder. Luckily, we don’t have to with an exclusive preview of what’s coming in the latest ACIF Industry forecast.

Charting a course to construction recovery

With the inaugural Be Summit just days away, here’s a preview of the sessions and discussions that are set to help chart a course of recovery and build industry confidence for all sectors and professional within the built environment.

Future outlooks for Australia’s construction industry

Predicting how Australia’s construction industry will shape up, based on possible scenarios likely to play out in each state and territory, is fraught with doubt. Here’s an expert’s opinion on the regions that could best withstand the pandemic.

Building a future using Australian-made products

Industry leaders say the fate of manufacturing in the building and construction sector is largely in government hands.

Construction’s road to recovery

The fate of Australia’s building and construction industry appears to be in the balance. Will it end up in the doldrums or become the cornerstone on which Australia’s economic revival is built?

Experts discuss urban planning for next generation Australia

Australian experts in planning and architecture are set to discuss how they can not only plan for a big Australia but also planning that caters to the needs of the next generation of Australians.

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