13 May 2022
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

Speaker Profile

Rebecca De Cicco

Aurecon / Women in BIM

Rebecca De Cicco is a global BIM expert, thought leader and innovator who acts as a role model across the globe in BIM and digital strategy and standards. She is the Principal of Digital Enablement for global advisory firm Aurecon, acting to drive and support growth for digital across the group globally helping clients to digitise their assets and upskill their people. In March 2021, Rebecca’s own business Digital Node was acquired by Aurecon, who provided leading digital transformation and BIM capability to its people, clients and projects. Aurecon is an engineering, design and advisory company that brings ideas to life by enabling innovative solutions and digital delivery across a variety of different projects.

Rebecca founded the not for profit group, Women in BIM (WIB) , in the UK in 2012. Her vision was to create an opportunity to gather and grow women in the digital space by providing an outlet to network, share and work together. The group began as a UK focused initiative and it has now become a global support network with WIB leaders positioned in over 43 countries across the globe driving and supporting their main themes and incentives.

As an industry thought leader, Rebecca has been awarded numerous awards and recognitions for her work across the Construction industry and continues to strive to make a difference to ultimately help drive change and innovation in her sector.

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